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“An adventurous day on a motorbike exploring Tram Tau with the 2-year-old kid”

Motorbike Tram Tau tour to Hang De CHo waterfall

While riding on a motorbike is common  for Vietnamese people, it’s a novel and exciting experience for a French kid. So, Tiu – his real name is Mathew – a 2-year-old boy, always exclaims, “Moto, moto,” expressing his excitement.

Today, we embark on a full day of motorbike exploration in Tram Tau with the Guillaume Family and Zoni Home team. We will cover approximately 100km, starting from my homestay (Zoni Home) to Hang De Cho Waterfall—one of the highest, most beautiful waterfalls, and also one of the most challenging to reach in our province. Our route will then lead us back to Tram Tau, with stops along the way to visit local houses, explore and learn about the traditional music instrument “Khen” used by Hmong people, and visit an elderly man who makes snow tea.

Let’s go!

"An adventurous day on a motorbike exploring Tram Tau with the 2-year-old kid"

Our route is under repair, and some sections are unfinished, causing us to wait for a few minutes before continuing. We ascend and wind along the road, savoring the scenery of mountains and rice terraces. This field will be exceptionally beautiful during the rice seasons in Spring and Autumn.

After the first 10km, we stop at a craftsman’s house. In addition to making knives, he is renowned for crafting “Khen” in Tram Tau, as there are not many people who can make it now. Khen holds significant importance in the lives of Hmong people, particularly during funerals, as it is believed to carry the soul of the deceased to the gods. Guillaume and his wife try their hand at playing the Khen, and Tiu looks even more excited. The melodic sound of the bamboo pine Khen is truly enchanting.

Motorbike Tram Tau tour to Hang De CHo waterfall Motorbike Tram Tau tour to Hang De CHo waterfall  Motorbike Tram Tau tour to Hang De CHo waterfall

Leaving this house, we continue our ascent to conquer the waterfall. The road is not always smooth, with some parts being steep and high, taking us through clouds and fog—a truly impressive experience.

This waterfall is deemed the most challenging to reach due to the road. The 6km stretch from the main road to the waterfall is genuinely difficult, posing a real challenge and adventure. Using an experienced local rider is a must. The road is only about 5m wide, with a cliff on one side and a soil wall on the other. Some parts are prone to landslides and very steep. After riding 6km in nearly 1 hour, we reach the end of the road—a small shop with the owner and his two daughters. Tiu has time to play with his newfound friends despite the language barrier. The waterfall is truly majestic, standing over 100m tall, with powerful cascading water. We soak in the scenery, feeling the fresh water touch our faces.

Motorbike Tram Tau tour with zonihomeMotorbike Tram Tau tour with zoni home

Motorbike Tram Tau tour with zonihome
Motorbike Tram Tau tour with zonihome

"An adventurous day on a motorbike exploring Tram Tau with the 2-year-old kid"


On the return journey, we visit a local Hmong house belonging to a 102-year-old man. The average lifespan of Hmong people is not long, around 50-60 years, due to their challenging lives. However, this man appears strong and active. He invites us into his house, where a warm fire burns in the middle. We share stories and culture with the family. Tiu, ever curious, doesn’t sit still, constantly exploring new things. Vietnamese people love children, always smiling and eager to play with Tiu. Upon leaving, the old man gifts Tiu two eggs—a customary present for children.

Motorbike Tram Tau tour with zonihome  Motorbike Tram Tau tour with zonihome

We left home at 8:30 am and returned at 5:30 pm, covering 100km—a long day on a motorbike for both adults and a 2-year-old. However, we gained valuable insights, learned new things, and felt that life had more meaning.

Traveling to a place is not just about passing through; let’s explore more about their lives and culture to create lasting memories. We spent 4 days and 3 nights at Zoni Home Tram Tau, with the motorbike tour being just one day. You can also come here for hiking/trekking, as they offer many interesting and suitable programs to meet your preferences.”Motorbike Tram Tau tour with zonihome

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