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About Us

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Suitable travel programs or activities for your inquiry, health, and skill levels. Quick response time and fully support through the trip


Breathtaking landscape, stunning rice terraces, majestic karst mountain, fantastic waterfalls, lakes and challenging roads. 


Adventurous but safe activities with well organization and fully equipment. Enjoy nature with explore the traditional culture.


Experience, professional tour guides who were trained about tourism knowledge and skills.  They are your guide & good companion.

Unique experience at less touristic areas

We take you off the beaten track to see the real Vietnam. Unique experiences include adventure, challenging but enjoyable, cultural and natural settings. 

Responsibility for the community

 Zonitrip often works with local tour guides or always combines the volunteer activities in each trip such as education, donations, or support local life in the poor part of mountainous Vietnam.  

Professional , Well organization and warmly hospitality

Every staff at Zonitrip, from sale consultants to tour guides, drivers, accommodation/restaurant partners, we need be professional in work. But with our passion for job, we always serve and take care of customers as special friends or members in our family. 

We are an adventure & responsible tour operator in North Vietnam

Zonitrip Team grew from a mountain province in North Vietnam. With a passion for adventure, nature, and local culture, we decided to set up a travel company that offered unique and exciting tours, while fostering natural and cultural preservation. Especially we focus on the less touristic areas in Vietnam. 

Great Tours
3 Years of Excenllence Certificate

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