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December 2023
Experience wedding with ethnic people in Tram Tau
“Look, look Foreigners! There are foreigners in our wedding!” – That’s the enthusiastic exclamation people often say when I bring Western friends to participate in weddings in Vietnam, especially in our remote mountainous region.   Have you ever imagined yourself participating in a traditional wedding in the Northwestern Thai region? For Zoni’s clients, this has...
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Motorbike Tram Tau tour to Hang De CHo waterfall
While riding on a motorbike is common  for Vietnamese people, it’s a novel and exciting experience for a French kid. So, Tiu – his real name is Mathew – a 2-year-old boy, always exclaims, “Moto, moto,” expressing his excitement. Today, we embark on a full day of motorbike exploration in Tram Tau with the Guillaume...
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