Zonitrip North West Motorbike Tours

Motorbike North Vietnam tour


8 Days 7 nights
  •  Amazing loop Ha Giang – Karst Plateau global park
  •  Ban Gioc waterfall – one of the biggest waterfalls in Vietnam
  •  Ba Be lake –a beautiful natural lake with various animals and trees 
  •  Explore the real life of Vietnamese
  •  See many ethnic groups and discover their unique cultures 
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    North Vietnam Motorbike tour 9 Days

    9 Days 8 nights
    • Experience extraordinary mountainous landscapes
    • Eating, Staying & communicate with locals
    • See many ethnic groups with their unique cultures
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    Motorbike Mu Cang Chai Tour 3days

    •  Explore the stunning and hidden terraced rice field
    • Amazing & adventure motorbike road
    • Visit wonderful villages & enjoy the warmly homestay of hill tribe people
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    From $150-$269/person

    Motorbike Sapa – Mu Cang Chai tour 5 Days

    • Experience majestic & stunning view of mountain area.
    • Homestay with local people
    • The beautiful landscapes of rice paddies on terraces
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    Ha giang to Sapa motorbike tour 6Days- amazing North Vietnam loop

    6Days 7 Nights
    Hà Giang- Sapa located in North Vietnam – one of the most amazing motorbike road. The way to Ha Giang is super awesome and unbelievable. Sapa is also well-known with beautiful rice terraces and various ethnic people culture, the warm homestay experience.  Riding, Eating, Staying with locals to see the real Vietnam  – it’s unique of ZONITRIP.
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